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Join in on one of the Best activities to do in Byron Bay, Our Day and Night Classes ! Only $75 per person / minimum 2 people

Meant to Bead in Byron offers a unique creative experience and the opportunity to make an everlasting memory of Byron Bay by participating in some exciting activities like making your own unique glass bead !

Meant to Bead in Byron is the only Hot Glass Workshop for glass bead making in the local area. This is a rare opportunity to learn the art of hot glass bead making in a relaxed and safe environment, in a beautiful place like Byron Bay.

When had you last been to a place like this and learnt something unusual and rare? Be inspired by the beauty and colours of Byron Bay to create an everlasting moment that will be with you long after the tan has faded !

You can incorporate your bead into a bracelet, necklace, wristband, key ring or earrings to make a personnel and beautiful gift for someone special or just treat yourself.

No matter what you make at our Hot Glass Workshop it will be a one of a kind creation and a quality glass bead experience.

Now this is some fun activity to do ...isn't it?

Rain, Hail, Shine. Every Day Is Meant To Bead In Byron

What Do You Receive

Meant to Bead in Byron promises the use of quality glass, tools and workshop for the purpose of creating your quality glass bead. You don’t need to be an expert.

We use state of the art equipment that is easy to use and ensures excellent results. Every client has the opportunity to make a bracelet, necklace or earrings in every class. The friendly and relaxed surroundings at Meant to Bead means the workshops are always fun.

So go ahead and make up your own bracelets, necklaces, earrings and an antique piece. Your creativity is your tool! The friendly and relaxed surroundings at Meant to Bead at Byron bay, makes sure that the workshops are always a fun recreational activity for people.

Make this a unique experience and a treasured memory of your time in Byron Bay.

To give is to share love.

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Glass art - a very specific area, with many distinctive technological features, not to mention the fact that it is a particularly capricious material. For artists Indre Stulgaite – Kriukiene and Remigijus Kriukas one of the most attractive, and difficult to manage, is the hot glass forming technology (blowing, casting, free-style formation). Cold glass processing is no less important. Especially when it comes to optical, very transparent glass.